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Perfect night light for under $10 :)


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I dont knwo how I didn't think of that before but anyways here it is. My son has had that "nite light" for the longest time now pluged in his wall. Then 2 nights ago I looked at it and thought to myself that would look good on my tank :) but I didn't want to take his night lite out so I went ahead and bought me one from wallmart for $1.99. I didn't remember what the brand really was so I bought one that looked about the same. Unfortunatly that light wasn't blue .... it was white. So now my son has a white night light LOL. Anyways the light I took from him is: http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jsp...;id=prod1559849


I beleive you can just buy the "light" it self for even cheaper than what it says here. It works great and even has a sensor to only turn on at nite :D


That's it for the story.



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