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Removing Corals from Plugs


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I am really having a hard time finding good spots for my corals that come attached to rock or plugs. They either don't fit because the rocks don't sit on my existing live rock, or where they do fit they look awkward and out of place. Can the corals be cut off the rocks and reattached using super glue. What type of corals will this work on and not work on and what is the best method for cutting. I have some ricordea, and some leathers that I really want to reposition.

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You can use razor blades or they sell tongs that have a scissor attatchment to cut the corals. Your harder corals can be super glued. For soft, slimy corals you can rubber band them into place or place a glass like a shot glass over them or even toothpick them into place. I have even wedged them between rocks. They most likely will attach in just a day or two. Good luck.

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