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What a GREAT deal!


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Large bak pak style skimmer with built in refugium, 24W CF light, and a venturi pump all for $110 shipped. The brand name one (aquafuge PS) is $250 shipped from fostersmith.com and doesn't come with a light! I just ordered one for my 55 and I'll let everyone know how good it is and post some pics once I set it up. The company sells a nano version as well.

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im thinking of either doing an external fuge like this or just converting my rear chamber into a fuge. If i went with something like this, is there any cutting or drilling that would be necessary into an AP?

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The skimmers in those hang on the back refugiums usually arent worth the acrylic they are made of...Let us know how it works

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well its the same exact design as the bac pak skimmer, just with an extended filter area so it should work equally well

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the only mod I'm going to make will be painting the front black so light doesn't leak out on a reverse photoperiod. Anyone reccomend a paint for acrylic?

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krylon fusion is the greatest. you can do coats within minutes. i had a bakpak that was such a pain. oh well. be careful with the fuge/skimmer since oddyssea stuff doesnt have the best quality. it works for me though. best of luck. :)

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I've used a CPR copy made by the same company and can said it works better then my Aqua C remora. Ive seen this fuge/skimmer in person and it its worth a try.

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still waiting to recieve it. I'll have it up and running in about a week or so. I'll be able to give my review then.


I also ordered a bak pak pre skimmer and bubble trap from marinedepot.com that comes today

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Got one of these on my 20l works great. I did restict the return a little because of gurgling noise and some small bubbles getting in to the main tank.

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I just recieved the filter and the pre-skimmer and bubble trap! I gotta go to work but I'll post everything when I get back.

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I had a feeling it would be too good to be true. The acrylic construction, design, and 24W CF light are great. But the plastic parts SUCK! I was screwing in the inlet assembley and the threaded male part broke inside the female part! I was like oh ****! Then I frantically tried to glue it back togeather with super glue and I got it all over my hands; when I tried ti peel the glue off it ripped my skin off tol I started to bleed all over. Now I had to spend more money and buy a replacement inlet assembley directly from CPR. I guess you get what you pay for!


Here is part of my beat up hand


Here is the broken inlet assembly


And here is a pic of everything, you can see the black acrylic pre-filter and bubble trap I bought from CPR.





I'll keep everyone updated on how it performs once I get everything straighteded out.

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they have the biggest version of these you can get at my lfs for there humongus coral for sale tank. I have to admit it does a great job from what i can see and plus there growing micro algae and cheato in there so you can buy it. If i get my 65 gallon this fall i might look into getting one of these.

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