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Buying Live rock and Live sand.


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How much should i buy? for a 12gNCDX and my lighting is 2x24watt coralife 50/50 PCF would this be good enough.?


the sand is gunna be 20lbs of fiji pink. live


how long should i light cycle a day water change live rock is 4.55lb :(


what should i be looking for?


suggestions for upgrades?


powerheads and stuff

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get 8lbs more LR, do a 3/4 to 1in. sand bed, you will most likely want to upgrade lighting so go to one of those nanotuner sites, get a test kit and watch the tank cycle, when everything is zero then get a clean up crew, water change of 1.5 gal a week...... better yet do a search of other people who have your tank on here and get some ideas

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Only have a 1 inch sand bed, you need about 12 lbs of LR.


Buy a maxi-jet 900 and a hydor flo attatchment--that stock pump is garbage.




Make sure you remove the sponge and all the crap in the 2nd chamber.

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i have ac110 on my FW tank the carbon fits perfect in the second chamber? yey? or ney?


i have a red sea master SW test kit i need a hydrometer?


what SG should i keep 1.019-.022?

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my friend gave me a nano-fisson skimmer from his tank i figure it isnt worth anything cause he never gives me sumthing unless it's worthless... lol wonder if i could trade it for a used refractor

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Apparently those fisson skimmers don't work at all, but I've never used one. I have heard of some people using them without too many problems though, but you don't need it.

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You rip cut the ties on the tubing of the stock pump and then remove the pump. You then put the tubing (shaped like a big L) right on to the maxi jet and then put on new ties. Maxi jets creat less heat and provide a lot more flow.


You can also buy a hydor flow....you just stick it on the end where that duckbill thing is and it spins, creating waves in your tank.

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Search in the beginner forum or maybe general--I know they're are better descriptions somewhere. It's not too complicated once it's in front of you, but it sounds confusing.

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I have bought the sand and 10lbs of LR


it has been cycled for a while i guess i get up today test my water 1 day after i setup the tank.


NH3/NH4 ammonia is .25ppm


NO2 Nitrite is .05ppm


Ph is 8.0


No3 Nitrate is 20ppm


this is only second day it's been up?


is this normal i hear ammonia is supposed to be off the charts?


i also bought the Live Fiji pink sand $25 a bag :o

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