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Bicolor Blenny...


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I got a Bicolor blenny to try and help with some patches of hair algae that I constantly have to groom... but he won't touch the stuff. Only eats meaty foods that I feed to my other fish. Anyways, he is such an awesome little fish that I want to keep him, but I still want to get rid of the algae.


If I were to get an algae bleanny (lawnmower), would these two fight? I hear bicolors can be territorial with other similar species. Has anyone tried a tank with both?

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I have two... but I certainly cannot speak for everyone.


At first, the lawnmower HATED the bicolor - he kept ramming him every so often when the bicolor would get too close.


I was pretty scared and was ready to remove one of them... but noticed there was no damage to the bicolor, and he practically seemed oblivious to the attacks... and after a few weeks, they started ignoring each other all together. The bicolor has a little attitude about him, but there is not a significant problem between the two.

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Thanks for the replies...


My bicolor doesn't eat the hair algae, but he sleeps in the middle of one patch in particular. I wonder if he would take kindly to somebody eating his little bed-patch?

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my bicolor:


ate my birdsnest

bit my sleeper goby

sleeps with my pearly jawfish

"eats" sand =D

bites my galaxea

used my powerhead as a house (when i turned it off to water change)


all in all... he's one crazy fish... love him though...

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I'd say bad move IME. Bi-Color's are mean lil' SOB's. Sux, Cuz I am a die hard Laker fan, and have always loved their color's, but, they are Clam Nippers' no doubt.


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