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Can't get rid of Cyano


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I'm starting to get cyano in my AP 24 and have been trying to avoid medicating. It's an area about 3" x 2". My water parms are good with the exception of a trace of nitrates as well as phosphates. I do 4 gal water changes weekly and have the water flow directed on that area. For livestock I have a small percula and diadema basslet, a few hermits and snails, Emerald crab and Fire shrimp. I feed every other day and only until the fish stop eating. I siphon it out, it comes back. I swish it around, it comes back.


The tanks been set up for several months with no other issues, the fish and all coral seem to be thriving.



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Use a product like PhosBan or Seagel to get rid of the phospates. It's not medication, it just removes what you don't want and doesn't alter chemistry.


Cyano is just a storm we all must whether at some point. As your tank stabalizes, it should go away on its own.

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