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Clownfish question


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My clownfish always hangs out at the surface of my tank usually in the back right corner above my power head. He comes our of there to do some swimming in the current. I'd like to get him to start hanging near the mid/bottom of my tank by the rocks and corals. Is there anything I can do to get this?

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Bear in mind a Mantis Shrimp does not, I repeat does NOT, constitute as a friend....

But he's my friend. Might get him a damsel friend someday. :P

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in nature, clownfish hang out in the upper water column because the reefs are usually pretty shallow and good food drifts near the surface. i have a maroon clown and he has picked one spot and has stuck to it since i got him (4 months ago). i have a friend who owns a 75g tank and his false perc only stays in one quarter of the tank. i think it has something to do with their territory and being able to quickly retreat home in case of danger. whatever the reason, i don't think there will be much you can do unless you get an anemone for it to host; then of course it should always stick close to the anemone. so if you put the anemone on the bottom...

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