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How to setup my aquarium


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i know this is going to sound like a complete newbie question. i have been reading a ton of threads on here and YES, i do know where the search button is :P



anyway, i have an AP24 that i will be getting ready for its cycle within the next week. I just waiting for chiller and sunpod to arrive first.


The reason for this thread is simple, i keep reading and all these old threads and peoples suggestions seem to contridict themselves. Here are my questions.


1. Light on or off during cycle?

2. If I dont do a fuge, what should I fill back chamber with? Rubble only and ditch the blue sponge, or keep it?

3. is maxijet 1200 too much flow for 24g tank?

4. is fuge beneficial with such a small system?



im really considering doing a fuge, but have read numerous remarks about how they are "neat" but really dont do much in a small tank like mine. If i put some LR rubble in the rear, get a nano remora skimmer... am I good there or should I start planning for the fuge now while its early and easier to do now..

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well again, im not sure if I need my light yet or not (ordered sunpod 150w off ebay, should have on Tuesday... gonna order chiller soon)... and also im in DFW texas and its been like 105+ all week, with no chiller im scared... i do have a/c in my house, but the room this is going in has a huge window and id just feel more comfortable once I have my light/chiller


(not to mention, i havent finished up my custom stand im building, should be done this weekend)

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I applaud your effort to bring about consensus on these issues, but I doubt it's going to happen. It's really up to you to weigh the differing opinions and decide what is best for your situation. With the lights during cycling, you can split the difference of opinion and go with a short photoperiod and gradually increase it through the cycle.

If you don't do a fuge' in your tank, you will at least need some sort of mechanical filtration back there, so the stock sponge is a viable option (some prefer filter floss). BTW, you can buy a huge bag of filter floss (called polyfil in the craft section) at walmart for about 2 bucks. The same bag would be 20 dollars at least at a fish store. If you don't have a skimmer you may consider running chemical filtration back there such as a bag of activated carbon or purigen.

MJ1200 is definitely not too much flow for a 24. In fact you may want more.

I haven't seen any scientific evidence one way or the other for the refugium on a small system. It's not harmful to have it provided you care for it properly, but I would argue there are two benefits to it. The first is that it will remove nitrogenous compounds from your water. Second, it will remove CO2 through photosynthesis if you run the refugium light cycle opposite your main light cycle and therefore minimize pH fluctuations from day to night. It will do these things- but to what extent? I don't think anyone can put that in numbers for you, but my opinion is that the refugium is beneficial.


EDIT- PS yes, prepare the refugium now before your tank is set up.

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