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Is my bubble coral ok?


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I've never seen my bubble coral shrivel up like this. I've had it for a week and it's feen fine. I fed it 2 days ago and now it's looking wierd. Is this normal???? It looked fine yesterday


Here it is now




Here is a normal pic of it.


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It should be fine. I've had a bubble coral for over a year now (it has tripled in size!) and she retracts like that about an hour after the lights go off (which is when she poops- and my midas blenny quickly slurps it up). Then her "bubbles" are back to normal within another hour.




How to know you have too much time on your hands: you know the bowel movement schedule of your corals. Ha, now that's sad. Don't tell my boyfriend. :happy:

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(which is when she poops- and my midas blenny quickly slurps it up).



^^That is sick!!! :P lol




Anyway, sometimes they shrivel up when they are about to split.

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Sick, maybe, but an undeniable truth. She thinks it's yummy, and I respect her, so I have no problem with her quirk. Hehe. :happy:

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How do you feed a bubble coral?


there is no need to feed a bubble, but if u must it will take some meaty foods. i fed mine brine and mysis shrimp. and yes it poops... i quickly siphon it out when i see it.

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