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Where ar your picos today?

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It's been a while, so are any still alive? hows peoples tanks doing? I'll post mine here later... what's left of it anyhow :(

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2.5-gallon sunlit pico (bandwidth warning! :o )


so far, so good. not great but not bad. heat's a concern but that goes with the territory of nanos/picos anyway, so it wasn't anything unexpected. just the usual spring/summer temp spikes.


the only thing is that i'm not 100% pleased with the amount of sunlight i'm now getting in the spring/summer months (from a skylight). just too low of an intensity right now.


but the window location just isn't sufficient in the summer, as ironic as that sounds. it's because the sun's angle during the day, due to the season, just doesn't shoot in as much direct sunlight as it did during the fall/winter months of the actual contest.


but i still might switch it back to the window (from the skylight) anyways because the skylight actually gives it even less light due to the narrow configuration of this particular skylight.


so far the only thing that's been holding me back is that it's MUCH easier to view in this skylight location. it's in my foyer and a quick check is sooo much easier than when it was next to my living room window. but in the window location, all i got was a perfect view of the rear of the tank. bleah.

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Mine is still up and doing pretty well. For some reason, all the mushrooms have shrunk but everything else is doing fine. The ric is now bigger than a quarter and the GSP is spreading. The zoos had closed up a lot but now are opening back up. I might get a new lamp to see if that is part of the problem.

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