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Few questions before I plunge and buy my first reef tank


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hey guys im new here, but been reading a little over past week or so. I still have ALOT to learn. But here are my plans and questions.


I plan to get a Aquapod 24 gallon w/ HQI lights. Id like to have about 20lbs of live rock w/ lots of different coral. I plan to get all the cleanup crew and as far as fish... id really like to have a nemo clown and a seahorse, maybe another slow fish or two that can live with seahorses.



here are my questions.


1. iv read and some say yes, some say no.. but can seahorse and clownfish survive together?


2. i dont really like the black contemporary stand that comes with AP24, anyone have any of specific ideas. Going in my office and my bookcases arent deep enough and dont wanna put on my desk because back would show.


3. what modifications are necessary? iv read things like replacing pump, adding skimmer, etc but not sure which are needed and which are overkill for me. Id like to get it all setup right at first!!


4. is AP a good choice? i know there is a nanocube and supposidly oceanic has one called biocube coming out in July and it includes a skimmer... wondering if you were me and just now starting, "What would YOU do"


5. whats difference in Aquapod and Nanocube, only thing I can find so far is the Nano doesnt offer HQI, but has 3 chambers in back vs. AP does have HQI but only has 2 chambers....


that leads me to my next question..


6. is HQI that important? i know with stock lightning I can keep some coral, but basically am I going to be pretty limited to point where Im not happy?



7. Since i dont have tank, im not really that sure how important chambers are, but im thinking the more the better right? I think after doing some reading, i will want a pump,therm,skimmer,refugium and maybe even a chiller... will all this fit into the 2 or 3 chambers of one of these tanks?


8. being in texas, it gets hot, but aquarium will be in a/c room. so do people in areas like this typically have temp problems (aside from extra/modded lights producing heat issues)



sorry for all the questions, i did alot of reading and these are specific ones I didnt find the specific answers to... thanks

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