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Which Starfish Brittle or Serpent?


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I know that Green Brittle Stars are out but what other Starfish are good. I am kind of focusing on Banded Serpents or regular red Brittle star. I have a 10 gal nano so which one is smaller? I am interested in the ones that seacrop offers. Which one is less aggressive. Which one is reef safe. Which one one is all around a better species. Sorry I searched and searched nano-reef for something on this topic ( and the rest of the internet) but I cant really find a definate answer. please help.

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i think brittle stars just get to big for nanos,,,,i bought a teeny brown and in a matter of a year he was triple his size,,,,,2 years later i traded him in ,,,,,,got so big he started knocking things over and his size just looked odd in a 30 gallon

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