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return pumps


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i want to no if the pump i am using on my 55g is good enough. i have a Sedra powerhead that pumps out 700gph. its 70w. its a submersible pump, so thats wat im looking for. the water gets pumped a total of 46" high but the way it gets there isnt in a straight up and down pipe. its a tube that takes about 3 turns so id say about 60" in length from pump to outlet nozzle. is this pump too small? is it the right amount of wattage or is it wasting too much power? im trying to to get a bigger pump that wont waste too much money in the electric bill. im already thinking about getting 2 seios for powerheads in the tank. so wat good return pumps r there? if u mention some, ill try to find it on ebay so i get for cheaper :P thanx in advance.

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700GPH through a sump is just fine....You dont want more flow going through it cause you will start getting microbubble problems....Seio's are your answer

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