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12gal tank


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hey guys,

just wanted to post my nano tank..



-1 blood shrimp

-1cleaner shrimp

-1 redheaded goby

-1 yellow clown goby

-1 true percula

-1 coral beauty

-4 blue leg crab

-1 red leg crab

-1 astrea snail

-3 bumble bee snails

and lots of small snails.n


-70+ heads of ricordia shroom

-2 leather coral

-4 types of zoas

-4 diff. shrooms

-1 pulsing xenia


can you say OVER stock...

i've been runnin the tank for 2yrs+ now. all i got is an AC filter turn into a refugium with some cheto/ 3 types of caulerpa

my lighting is a jebo 48watts 50/50









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just to let you know this is the minibow forum lol, post in all-in-ones, this forum is closing in a few days

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im pretty new to this but how do you change an ac to a refugium exactly?

what size ac do you use? i would realy like to know

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well #1 too many fish, #2 you have a coral beauty with corals, thats risky!


either way i cant complain because it looks like your tank is doing well! i think you need more coral in your tank, right now it looks like the algae overpowers your coral, so the coral doesnt stick out as much!



EDIT: watch out for the polyps to the midleft, they look like polythoa, i could be wrong, could anyone help identify, btw if its polythoa, GET EM OUT OF THERE!

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