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Hey i got a 24g nano cube with 24 lbs of LR, fuge, and probably get a skimmer


i wanna know if i can get a flame angel-2 clowns-and 2 firefish

if not can u recomend any other combinations


I want fish that are intresting and are sorta wierd and differnt not just the ordinary fish


can i get a long horn cow fish i seen one in a aquapod b4

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That Bio-load might be a touch heavy, for the sake of not getting flamed I am not going recommend and static stocking rules LOL, although I will say you will probably want to stick to 2-3 fish. The flame angels you might want to be careful about as well as they have been known to nip corals. As far as interesting fish....skip the firefish....so boring...goby/pistol shrimp are neat, most gobies and jawfish have great personalities, and the clowns will be cool. good luck.

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Definitely no on the cowfish - it will eventually get longer than your tank is wide, and they release toxins into the water when stressed or dying.


I'd prefer you didn't get any type of Centropyge, and a quick search on here will net you a couple threads that explain why I feel that way.


As for the rest, well - clown and firefish are the epitome of 'normal' in this hobby. Maybe a leaf fish? Pipefish?

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Cowfish are definately cool, just not in that tank size (as previously noted).


I agree with the clowns and flame angel if those are your choices, maybe a nice smaller blenny too.

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There are lots of varieties of blennies and gobies that are quite unusual. Clowns and firefish may be ordinary, but they are tried and true. They rarely disappoint. Going exotic usually ends in frustration.

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