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Just Fraged and look what i found :D


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Hey Folks I was going a little stir crazy today, so i decided to frag some of my golden sea mat (the part that was getting stunk by my hammer), The sea mat was on 2 seperate rocks when i mounted it so i knew i could easily do it without much disturbance to the reef. Long story short (the long story involves alot more swearing :D) It was harder then i though being my first frag ever. When i removed it i noticed a couple of sea squirts one pink, and one green and i was pumped under closer investigation theres alot more then that here take a look (and theres more i cant get a pic of)


ha heres the pic


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I have sea squirts all over one rock. I never saw them as the rock was seriously covered with watermellon mushrooms that only shrank after I turned the lights off. Fragged a few mushrooms...sea squirt city.

Good indicator of good water.

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they are a bivalve filter feeder :), I can't find a tonne of infor on them but bascitly they are mini spongue that has 2 tubes comming out from a bulbouse base they eat plankton... thats about all the info my reference book gives me


These are the first green ones ive ever seen and they are multiplying i looked around the same rock and i have at least 4 of them

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