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via agua 15g lighting upgrade?


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I've been pouring over the threads and have read a lot about switching via aquas over to 150w metal halide lights, but I'm not very skilled at that type of thing and can't visualize it (my dad is really handy and can help me do anything, I just need to be able to explain it well).


I'm sticking with the stock lighting for now, and my understanding is that I should be able to have most mushrooms, zoos, rics and other lowlight corals with it just how it is.


Would it be worth it to upgrade the lighting? How would that expand my options? I'd love to have a small clam but I don't know if that justifies the expense. Also, I really like how the fixture and tank look already. If possible, I'd like to keep it the way it is and just upgrade the lightbulbs when its time to change. Is that possible?


Thanks in advance! All the threads on here are wonderful and informative, I just can't figure out how best to set it up to suit my tanks needs.

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