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Top off water and pH Balance


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Im considering adding an ATO unit and new more powerful lights to my 10 gallon. Im thinking of using RO/DI water in my ATO. THerefore the top off water will have a pH of 7, while my tank has a pH of 8.0. Theoretically this will slowly dilute my tank water's pH. Im expecting a decent evaporation rate and would like to correct the pH problem.


What methods can be used to up the pH of my RO/DI water? Im interested in natural methods first, and chemical methods secondarily.


Ive heard that pickling lime can be added to the resevoir. I take it that this is the same simple pickling lime that can be bought in the produce department of the grocery store? Ive heard that pickling lime can bring up your calc as well as get RO/Di water to a pH of around 8.0. true? false?


[sorry for the long post!]




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I dont know about pickling lime...

...but I think you can probably use an additive product from your LFS and dose it into your resorvoir.


anyone else? ...Im actually interested in this thread too, cause I have the same problem.

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Saturated limewater has a pH of 12.4, so it would be hard to find out how much you need to get it up to 8.0, but it would work. I wouldn't use a pH buffer because I'm not positive, but I think they raise alkalinity to buffer pH, and if you used it as a long term solution, then your parameters might get really off.


I don't know how accurate your theory about slowly diluting the tank's pH is. My RO top off water has a pH of 6.4, and I have never had a problem with low pH. I think your salt mix should be enough to keep your pH high. I don't think carbonates evaporate, so as long as your alk stays consistant, you shouldn't have a problem with pH.


What is your alk?

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