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i was wondering if i got a emerald crab for my 5g if it will mess up/kill anything? are they bad or good crabs? what should i look out for?

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i've read several posts whereas folks say that if the food supply is dwindling, they will go for pretty much whatever they can get - which will be stuff you don't want them to get.


i had a few crabs, they have since died and i will not be replacing them.

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Emrald crabs are good in ways and bad in ways just ike travis said


main Good: eat Valonia(bubble algae)


Main bad: they eat basically anything they like(want)

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I had 2 of them 1 big and one small

The big one ate the small one the first week, then he ate a cleaner shrimp then he ate a zoa and then he tried to eat every night my clown fish so I decided it was time for him to gooooooooooo.


I got the bad one .

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What else is in your cleanup crew? You might run run out of food for her in a 5.5 if she's competeing with many others.

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I've got one in my 5.5 gallon so for so good except I havn't seen him in a couple days :huh: I think I going to go get my flashlight now and try and look in some cracks. hope its not dead.

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i had one right after my tank was cycling. did a great job cleaning up. He then started to eat the corraline. Took him back too the store and got my money back.


So i guess i used him and then dumped him.


Kool as hell to watch though.

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green gorilla crab is what I think. ate two of my gobies (high fin, randalli), ate a bunch of zoanthids, xenia, open brain coral, and some SPS tissue. But the thing is, my tank is spotless. Not a bit of nuisance algae at all...

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I got an emerald crab about two weeks ago. As soon as I put him in the tank, he scurried into a crack in the rocks. I have not seen him since. I never saw an ammonia spike...so I don't think he's dead, unless his rotting carcass didn't produce as much ammonia as I had suspected. Is it normal for these guys to just hide out all the time and only come out whenver I'm not looking? Just wondering....

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I had a emerald crab. He too hid almost all the time. He would come out only at night and even rarely then. Eventually he died.


I never had problems with him eating anything that he shouldn't but I definatly won't be buying one again. I will say I did have some bubble algae that seemed to disappear.

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