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My peanut worm is back!

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I thought he died.  Or maybe this is a different one.  I think I'll call him Linus.  He's almost the length of my finger.  Sorry the pic is so big...


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Hey Korbin,


I use a free software program called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) to crop and shrink the pics I take. It's pretty easy to use (and there's alot of free documentation, books, and article on it on the web), and it's equivalent to PhotoShop (except it's free). You can get it for Windows or Linux, and the home page for it is www.gimp.org (The windows version is not at gimp.org, when I want that I search on google for "windows gimp" and it comes right up).


With your remark about the pic size I though you might want to check this little gem of a program out. =)




(Edited by jburke30 at 12:58 pm on May 18, 2002)

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