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Fromia "Survivor"


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This is a story about a little orange starfish, fromia millepora, named Stella.


I purchased stella about 3 months ago at the request of my girlfriend to add to the tank. Had I know about the low survival rate of this species in captivity, and especially in new tanks, I would never have picked him up. That out of the way, I nonetheless agreed to the purchase since at the time all I could recal is that they were reef safe and one of the "better" starfish to choose from. Well for 2 months all was good, Stella did well and encountered little trouble. Then one day she apparently took a nasty spill from the rockwork and landed, as she often does, in some strange position. The fall however injured one of her legs and before I could separate her my "evil" peppermints were attaking her wound leading her to lose a limb. Thankfully, she coped well with this and healed up fine. Another month goes buy and a few days ago I find poor Stella burried under an empty snail shell and halfway into the lair of my pistol shrimp (who often uses empty shells to cover the entrances to his tunnels) it appeared this time that the shrimp either tried to eat Stella or use her to block the tunnel. I removed her only to find the tip of one of her feet bitten off. I figured her for dead at this point but she healed up and by the next day had moved, although not far. So this morning I take to vaccuming my sand when I try to move around her gently and accidently pull her up - damaging the tip of another leg. Well blood (or at least white stuff) was in the water and my serpent star came right over and took about half her leg off before I could stop him. She hasn't moved but an inch since, but she is still alive. I doubt she'll take much more if she makes it through this - but I thought I'd ask if in anyone's experience there is a chance for Stella the Starfish.

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