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Multiplying Mushrooms


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I have several species of mushrooms in a pico (2.5 gal) and they have been doing well for the past 6 months or so since I started the tank. Recently the brown and green striped started dividing and they have been going to town for the past few weeks. I would have to say that there are now about 3X the number than before. There is some hair algae that has started to grow in the tank and I was considering moving the rock to another tank but would hate to cause it to stop.

Nitrates =0



PH= ~ 8.6

SG = ~ 1.026


SG and PH are on the high side I know, but was curious if this was driving the shrooms to divide.

Any one have any info regarding this?


I thought about adding a refugium to the tank, but I change out ~ 1gal a week from my big tank to keep the nitrates from building up, so I am not sure that it would help much. But the hair algae is not to my liking. I have read that some species of nudibranch will eat hair algae but concerned that they might not be friendly to the shrooms.

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a couple of trochus (turban) snails made short work of my hair algae prob fast...the work hard and they won't bulldoze your live rock like turbo snails are prone to do.

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