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Hermit scales mount everest!


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I have a small acropora frag which is doing rather well in my new tank. Slowly changing color and It has started to regenerate some of its tissue. When i picked it up it was quiet poorly. I have a hermit which feels the need to scale my acropora every single night. We are talking about 6 inchs of hard coral to scale. Has anyone else ever had this happen?


Did you find some way to prevent it? did you do nothing? Was your coral ok? The last thing i want is for the hermit to cause some long term damage as acroporas are sensitive enough as it is.

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my hermits do it. It pis ses the coral off but it always opens right back up again. Let it be, if you see it eating polyps, chuck the crab.

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sounds hilarious i wonder if mine will


Not always good when you got an acropora coral and your hermit keeps scaling it :) I usually drop him from the peak H.A.L.O style and he starts his decent again.

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I don't keep any hermits in my tank for couple of reasons but mainly...


1. They bother corals

2. They kill snails for their shells

3. They eat way too little algae for me to deal with first 2 problems.

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^^ I havent bought any crabs in a year and im hoping the all die soon so they stop eating all my snails. My next tank its gonna be all snails and thats it.

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My hermits go anywhere they can.

Knock coral frags around which drives me nuts.

On hermit I have has taken to climbing onto a nassarius' shell and going for rides to the top of the tank.

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