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er1c_the_reefer A+++ Seller


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Great A+++ Seller. Would buy from again. Excellent packing...



I second that!!! Not only are his frags awesome---but his packaging, shipping and communication are second to none! I got some super healthy and different frags. I would recommend working with Eric to anyone--he's a true PRO!!

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Well the seasons have changed a couple times since my last post, but ERIC STILL ROCKS!!!


I just got the most-awesomest SPS frag pack from him that included green monti cap (1.5" x 1.5"), a golf ball size piece of pokerstar monti, and 2 pieces of assorted acros with more than one branch---each over 2"!!!!! He ain't stingy with the frag sizes. I was traveling for work, so my wife had to put them in the tank. My wife (who doesn't "do" coral) said, "The frags were much bigger than I expected-really." She was obviously impressed and she was calling them "octopus stone things".


They were shipped in a solid insulated box with a heat pack--coast to coast---the water was warm when they arrived!


Thanks Eric!

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OK, he's not my boyfriend or anything, I swear. :)


But E just hooked me up with some ASTOUNDING sunset montipora, some INCREDIBLE blue tort, and some free LE Er1c's palys and leptastrea.


I should also mention that my man E also picked up two large acro colonies from a local reefer there for me---and shipped them as well!!!!


It's snowing like a mother over here in PA---and it's about 15 degrees. Er1c's shipping is second to none--all of the water was warm upon arrival. The box was LOADED---but he used only the amount of water that was necessary---I couldn't have done it better myself.


Thanks man!! You are one of NR's finest!

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I agree Eric's shipping is awesome. I just received some frags from him and his packing is great. The polyps have been in my tank for a few hours and they are 80% opened!!


Eric we have to talk about that sunset monti and blue tort...ME WANTS. :D

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One more thing in my "Ode to Er1c".


Yeah--so's the HUGE package gets here late--like almost 7 hours late via UPS. Er1c filed a UPS claim and SHIPPING WAS FREE!!! YAHOOO!!!!!! That was some serious $$$$!! Thanks again E!



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Eric is the man. I got some of his green speckled PPE and they are awesome. I love the thermos shipping method he uses also.

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