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I have a nano 12,5 G + 7G sump with lighting 3X15 W + reflectors, a red sea prizm deluxe skimmer + a pico skimmer in the sump ,a heater , a 2213 clasic EHEIM filter and I use a UV sterilizer 9W all day.I have some fans for chilling.My salinity is 1,025 and phosfate 0 nitrate 0 nitrite 0 carbonate hardness 12 pH 8-8,5.I have a little Damsel fish some variety of Live rock with shrooms polyps,a big aptasia anemone and about 4-5 little apasias growing.Feather dusters and a spongue 1 red hermit crab 2 snails.The problem in my tank is after I added some live rock (about a month ago ) the tank seems to cycling again and I have a major problem of algae bloom.Hair algae cyanobacteria bloom and green algae bloom.The hermit seems to growing bigger but I think he needs a couple of years just to eat this stuff.I am thinking to get a cleaner shrimp just to eat this ugly stuff,or a hermit crab.Do I have to worry about putting a cleaner shrimp and a hermit crab together? What is the best way to get rid of those aptasias ?Can you suggest me any anemone for a 12,5 G? I use RO water and I add trace elements every 15 days and one drop of phytoplancton every day by day and feeding cyclops or artemia every second day.

thanks for reading.

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what are you feeding the artemia and cyclops to? the phytoplankton?


adding uncured, or not 100% cured rock, to your pre-existing tank can cause an imbalance, but usually that is corrected within a few weeks.


You've got quite a system running, so I dont think you've got a problem with overstocking, lol. but the feeding regimine is quite heavy for the creatures. The feather duster will eat what he can in the water column. you dont really need to feed them to keep them alive. so, in this case, i'd cut out his feeding, if in deed that is what some of the food was for. I'd cut out the artemia and cyclops for a little while, or feed only what the damsel eats ina few minutes. check you filter media and rinse out your mechanical media (which sould be the only thing you have running since your biological media is the live rock) and hopefully that will help depleate the detritus accumulation.


unfortunately filter media can harbor nitrate if left unrinsed...


since you have readings of "0" nitrate, this could be a "false" reading in that yes, the water doesnt have nitrate, but you still have algae problems. Algae consumes nitrate, so there must be some present at some point for it to grow. You've struct a balance in that your system is producing enough nitrate for the algae to grow and the algae is doing so well, its eating all the nitrate, that of which gives you a "false" reading.


does that make sense?


Thus i say look for possilbe nitrate accumulation possibilities. cut out feedings, increase water changes (with RO water), increase/change water flow, clean filter media, clean skimmer cups and intakes, and look into using calcium additives.


hope that is what is causing the problem. :)


good luck.

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<--- everything six said



don't feed your water

change your water often (at least once a week) but in your case, WAIT till your cycle finishes

add a turbo snail and peppermint shrimp (ask the LFS to show you him eating aptisia first)

and be patient

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