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Lighting question

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Hey gang,


I'm looking to buy a new lighting system for my 7 gallon minibow and am looking at the HQI halide pendants.  I'm looking at the Reefstar http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod...d=6&pCatId=7364


and the Giesemann Lichttechnik Nova II




Does anyone have experience with either of these units?  Would you recommend a 10K or 20K bulb?

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They are both excellent choices however way over priced. You could do it yourself for $150 with an Ushio 10k bulb included.

If you want to explore that option I would be happy to help.



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150+ watt full spectrum light's for a 7 gallon?

and not to mention the cost




trying to keep clams? cuz that would be sweet :)


but personally, id stick with PC's.....im trying to  upgrade to 2 32 or 36 watt PC for my 7 gallon.....which should be enough to keep a baby clam ;)

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I would like to keep clams, as well as more species of sps.  I currently have a CSL 2-32W hood, but it doesn't fit the minibow very well.


Yea, it's a lot of light but I'd really like to make sure I'm doing this right from the beginning.  And you can suspend the light higher if it's too bright, unlike a standard pc hood.


Toyfreek:  I appreciate the offer, but I suck with do-it-yourself.  I'll probably electrocute myself...just picture a mushroom cloud rising over my place and you'll get the idea.  ;)


(Edited by Matthew at 1:29 pm on May 18, 2002)

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i know someone that has the 150w hqi over a 7 gallon bow. it looks so cool. he just set it up though(not the tank but the new lights) so i dont know how his corals have reacted to this. im sure he is acclimating them. but he has used many hqi hoods in the past on other tanks like his 20 and his 50 and i think his 180. and he loves them. either one of thoise hoods would be a great choice but i too think it is somewhat overkill.

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