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I noticed a few weeks ago that my Nassarius Snails were laying a buttload of eggs all over my glass in the evening and night....

Of course when I wiped my glass of the algae that forms every couple of days (haven't added Chaeto yet) they went flying around the tank and I assumed they were sucked up into the filter and eventually rinsed away when I clean the filter floss. Well for the past couple of weeks the glass at night is just riddled with tiny snails...just can't tell if they are nassarius or maybe a larval hitchiker that just started to burst recently...


Anyone have any experiance with this??

Should I be worried about this population burst since there aren't any natural predators for these guys in my tank at the moment..

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You will see that from time to time- outbreaks of different tiny critters. I went thru about 6 months each of hydroid jellies, barnacles, and stomatella snails. The population explodes then recedes again on its own. It has to do with whatever cycle your tank is going thru at the time. Just let it pass. My tank is 4 1/2 years old and I'm assuming I've bypassed the "outbreak" phase since I haven't had one for awhile.



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Don't worry, food supply is better at controlling population than predators.


Very good point....nuff said

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