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feeding the tank


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hi everyone quick question on feeding.


See my sig for more ifnormation on my stock list.


Question is i feed my two perc clowns twice a week with marine flakes (garlic) and also twice a week i add a quarter cap of DT's phytoplanket.


Do i need to supplement anything else for my corals, inverts and fish? I here people use mysis shrimp but is it necessary? I want alot of growth in little time lol :)

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A varied diet is one of the most important things to get healthy looking and happy livestock, since you have percs, I would suppliment some kind of frozen omnivore food (algea and shrimp mixed together) or mysis would be fine, but stay away from brine shrimp, they have no nutritional value.


Just my .02

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thanks dude, so mysis shrimp will do the trick. i want to make sure there happy but i also want to make sure that the cleaning crew and percs actually clean the tank and not just fill up on food.

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