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chaeto location


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i have a handful of chaeto in my cpr fuge. I was just trying to figure out the best location for it (ie on top, middle, planted?). I had floating it vertically near the return, but it fell over and is closer to the supply to fuge. It is more towards the bottom of the fuge now.Does placement really matter? Should i try to prop it up at the top? thanks!

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ok cool. thats what i figured. I have a 13w PC light right now, so i am guessing i should be ok with it floating near the bottom.

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It'll probably grow better at the top because it will be recieving more light. I wouldn't worry too much though.

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Yeah, it doesnt really matter. The cheato will grow and fill up that cpr pretty fast so it wont matter much.


The one problem that i had with cheato and the aquafuge is that the cheato grew so much that it went over the baffle and clogged up the return outlet causing the fuge to fill up and overflow (while i was on vacation too) so i lost a good amount of SW from my main tank. Just something to watch out for, I dont want this to happpen to someone else :). Just make sure you check it regularly and trim on occasion.

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