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8.3.pH before I add salt? or after i add salt?


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Quick question guys...


do I want a 8.2-3pH water before I mix with salt? or do I want that after I mix the salt...


well I guess what I'm really trying to say is... I've been using RO water and realized the pH is around like 7.0.


So should I buffer the RO water to 8.2 before I mix the salt?

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RO water should be around pH 7.0 Humans should only be drinking water close to a pH of 7.0 =) pH of 8.3 should be after adding salt. At least that's the pH i get when I mix my salt.

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Yeah you want it at 8.3 after you add the salt. If it was 8.3 before your PH would be too high after the salt was added :)

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