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is this a good tank so far?


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5 gallon



Millenium 2000






50 watt


Live Stock

10 lbs live sand

6 lbs live rock

2 damsels

4 astrea snails

1 blueleg hermit

1 scarlet hermit

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well I'd pull the damsels ASAP if this is a new tank they're jsut gunna die. Also they need a way bigger tank then 5 gallons even for one of them. I personaly wouldnt put any fish in a 5 gallon its just too small. Add a powerhead I'm not sure what a melinium 2000 is im assuming a HOB model of some sort and when it comes to HOB's id only personaly trust the AquaClear series ive have bad experience otherwise. what kind of lighting are you using?


i hope the fish arent in there if so pull them out ASAP and bring em back to the store and they might live

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I had 10 punds of live sand in my 5.5 AGA. pulled alot out so that I now only have an inch or so of sand in the tank and it looks much better. Plus I found out deep sand beds really have no effect on nano tanks. I guess I'm saying pull some sand out and make more room for live rock.

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