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Before and After Pix


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Modified CurrentUSA Orbit 20"


1x 70w 14k Astralux

1x 40w Actinic


Soon for sale because i"m going 150w hallides + actinics =) I LOVE LIGHT

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It's a bubble tip anenome (it split 3 times in the last month) the other 2 are in the back area.


it's a 16g bow front =)


thanks for comments

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cool. im going to get a 70w halide for my 20H. nice to see what you are successfully keeping in a similarly sized tank. do your clowns host anything?

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i wanna see pix when your done!


clowns host in the bubble tip anenome


I think that caused it to split ?


i got 2 70w MH ballast left incase your interested also might be selling my 20"


70w + 40w actginic CurrentUSA Orbit modded.

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