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light cycle


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hey my current light cycle is this: from 4 pm to 3 am my main lights come on. At 3 am my back refugium light comes on which is a red sea deco art light.


question is does the tank need a totally dark period? There is some light coming off the fuge and also during the day its in my living room so there are some lights coming from outside etc...


The reason i run the fuge light seperately is because of temp issues.


if so i was thinking like using a towel around the glass. lol

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i would think the slight light leak-thru won't be a biggie but completely eliminating a dark period in the display zone would not be optimal imo.


you could get away with it in a refugium (24/7 lighting) because you're only looking to keep algae of some sort (usually associated with the constant lighting) so your spectrum of livestock is basically one, the algae.


yes, you'll have other flora and fauna but if the constantly-lit refugium isn't conducive to them you're not going to be concerned.


but for your display area, you're usually looking to raise many type of fauna and flora. i owuld think some of these (maybe all) depend on some type of photoperiod for bio-clocks. reproduction, general activity (nocturnal creatures), and rest periods are likely necessary aspects you must provide a photoperiod or non-photoperiod for. at least, that's my take on photoperiods.

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thanks dude i just wanna make sure that they get enough darkness. i have two clowns in there now and they seem to never sleep.

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