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30G Oceanic Kube


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Hey everyone, here's the beginnings of my new 30G cube. I still have my 20g high, but i'll be transferring everything over soon. The internal overflow is 4"x4" with a 1" bulkhead. The return is one 3/4" bulkhead split into 1/2" loc-line nozzles and the back is painted with krylon fusion. I haven't painted the glass behind the overflow. What're all of your opinions on that. Should I paint the left side of the glass or should i just leave both clear to be able to see into the overflow.


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I like your set up, I would of done the same with my 30 but I didnt wana drill at time time..stupid me. You are going to love this tank!

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So I ended up painting the side, and I've had my first go at aquascaping. Aquascaping is tough with this cube...i thought it'd be easier but it's much different than your run of the mill tanks. Well, here it is..a cruddy picture I took with my phone.




Stupid phone..gives it no sense of depth. Guess i'll have to wait til i get a chance to take a pic with the camera then. Oh yeah..Whitten, I got the aquascape idea from your tank since I like the look of two seperate towers/piles because it's different than other cubes i've seen. And again, I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

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post-15274-1155617743_thumb.jpgHere's an updated FTS as of today. The tank has been running for about a month now..


A pic of the black and white percula i bought a little while ago. Got him for 36 bucks!



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Blue Rings with Alien Eye:




Blue Polyped Green Monti:



Skunk Cleaner:



Tubs Blue Zoos as of today:



"Beam RusH":



Thanks for the comments. I got the overflow from Paul at First Class Aquatics. It turned out great and exactly as I had wanted it. I had it cut slightly taller than the height of the tank and dremeled it down to fit perfectly.


A picture of the sump:


Props to Doss for building the custom sump for me.



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Thanks guys, appreciate the comments.


Doss, you can use the sump picture for your website if you'd like.


Proraptor, your tank is awesome. I wish I had the money for a 60g cube..i'd have a field day trying to aquascape that. Where did you have it built? (assuming that it's custom)

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