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Something is eating my leather!


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No wonder my leather is dying. It started to turn white few days ago. But today I tried to investigate it and when I lifted it up I saw there was a tube thing connected to the stalk of it. I guess is some sort of worms but couldn't see what worm it is. Then I pull the tube build with sand and stuffs off then I realized there was a hole drill into the leather!!! Looks like someone has put a Dremel through it. I think whatever it is it will be still inside the leather and living inside it and eating it.


Is this the work of a bristle worms? I know I shouldn't have placed the leather near the rock but I thought I saw many people placing their corals on the rocks did I do anything wrong?


So sad I will just have to throw the leather away now.

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Probably leather eating nudibranches. Do a FW dip with RO water and Lugol's solution, make sure to pH and temp match it with your tank water.

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