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Feeding a peullenaris - diamond goby


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My lovely girl got me a new peullenaris a couple of days ago, and I got a question about feeding him: He takes flakefood but as he swollows he chucks it out through his "shifterwholes", not getting it down his throat?! The tanks close to five months old so I should have some small critters in the sand, that he spends the better part of the day shifting through. But I want to make sure he gets his vitamins...

hes young and really small, mabye his mom didnt teach him how to eat?? : )


Anyone having one of these beautiful things have a idea?



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They are sand sifters, that is what they naturally do, and how they eat. It is important to make sure you have an established sand bed they can eat from before buying one.


Try brine, mysis, or some other meaty food. I've seen them eat flake, but you should be feeding something besides flake occasionally anyway.

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Mine takes Spirulina enriched brine shrimp readily....supplements his diet just great...

Sometimes, I'll drop in a sinking pellet, and one of two things will happen:


1) He waits until the pellet dissolves, and then sifts it out of the sand




2) He lets a hermit crab tear it up, and catches all the little pieces flying off


I also take baby food (powder) and put a tiny bit in the tank every once in a while. It floats around for a while before eventually settling on the sand and he sifts it out. Plus, the feather dusters get to catch some of it when it's floating around too.

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