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People under-estimate stock lighting....


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That is a pic of my 7 month old 24g stock lighting nanocube.....I have a refugium in the second chamber, and a maxijet to replace the stock pump....other than that the tank is stock....


I am planning on upgrading to a 150watt MH w/ 2 18w PC acitinics in the future because I have other plans for the tank.....but as of right now, my tank is nice and healthy!


The *only* coral in there that isnt living to its full potention is the lil frag of the GSP i have on the sand bed......1.) It doesn tlike living on the sand bed since it has nothing to attach itself to 2.) While the lighting is suitable....it is not ideal for all corals....the GSP frag should be a good bit greener that it is....but im not gonna complain getting all of that on stock lighting!!

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Nice looking tank, how long have the corals been in there? Keep in mind you have softies that do not require much light, excluding the one lps coral. In most cases, more intense lighting gives better coloration and growth. You have a pretty nice tank though for it having stock lighting.

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I agree, plus I want to add some more corals that require a lot more light....but I bouht all softies for a reason...plus with the LPS i have, i wasnt sure if he was gonna do fine or not, but he's been in there for about 4 months, and is doing as good as ever.....glows real nice under my moon lights....


But I just remember back when i was first looking into nano cubes, and i got pretty discouraged because all i Saw was "stock lighting sucks, you cant keep corals with stock lighting, you have to spend 100's of dollars in add ons just to keep corals in a nano cube" and as a Noob, you get pretty discourage from threads like those...


Im just hoping to give faith to some noobs who dont have all the money to spend right away, and would still like to hae a nice looking reef tank....

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Nice looking tank. :)


You can have a nice tank with the stock lighting. Some think you have to have a bazillion watts of light to have a decent tank. You just have to relize the limitations of any lighting and stock accordinly.

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thank you for this thread. i have 65w pc but im going to upgrade to a 2x24w aquamedic fixture though i havent had anyone say anything about it.

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