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Help save coral


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I finally got my mushrooms today after I asked shipper on ebay to send UPS ground, he said yes. Actually sent USPS Priority,( you can't ship to your neighbor in 2 w/ this trust me, I work for Fedex. UPS is different and is 1 day, same with FX and who cares about DHL)


But it came today and now I have it in a 2.5 with a penguin 110 HOB and a 20 something watt 6500K CF light above it just in case it was dead cause I didn't want it in my tank if so.


heres the shrooms after about 5 hours in the tank while I took a nap :)


there are too, shroom A and shroom C



First one was taken on arrival






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It's probably okay, I've found that shrooms are virtually indestructible. I've had 'em bounce back from worse. I lost one in my rocks and found it a week later. Doing fine today.

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If you ask me, it's already starting to look better by the second picture. The second ric looks fine. Some of my rics look like the one in the third picture when the lights turn on. Give it a few days to a week, those things take some abuse.

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10" Red Devil

Wait so your saying you can get ups to ship something 1 day for the same price as usps priority? Or did you decide to upgrade to ups 1 day.


Also to add what others are saying, my shrooms, rics, whatever do this when they are stressed, but if you fix whatever is stressing them out, I.E. accidentally bumping them with a gravel vac, too much light, poor water conditions, too abrubt a change in water chemistry or temp they will bounce right back.

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okay, after making sure they weren't going to die, moved them into my tank. At first I had them at the top, but then I realized that all my coral were in a row, and it didn't make since for the closest thing to the light to be a mushroom. So for now they are at the bottom in a less turbulent spot. and now they look decent.


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You work for Fedex and asked for UPS? That says a lot about Fedex :P





(Don't take offense, Fedex is actually my favorite of the shipping companies.)

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Many sellers on eBay don't ship Fedex because you can't pay the postage through paypal. the orginal choices were UPS next day or USPS express. Fedex is also more expensive.


OH, and the UPS guy always come at noon, the Fedex guy is usually about 3-4, sometimes 5-6, but that's usually Home Delivery.

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