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id on type of leather please


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Got this frag from a fellow reefer on RC. Im torn if its a type of toadstool or devils hand or some other. I have it on the bottom of the tank in a shadier area, if you id it, let me know if its good there or if it needs more light. Thanks.


edit: oops forgot pic



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do you have a profile shot of it? it looks more like a sarco to me but i'm biased to that. there are a couple of sarcos that resemble lobos and vice versa too.


but the look of the cap and prominence of the zooids make me think sarco. besides the percept's suggestion, i'd also suggest cleaning out the base of the hair algae.

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ill have to get a profile for you, i have plans on cleaning the hair from it today when i do a water change, I had my hands in the tank a lot this week and really didnt want to put them back in there, I try to keep them out as much as possible.

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