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worms in my torch coral

formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

i just recieved a new frag of a torch coral. nice color, seems healthy but it has a few worms/type of feather duster inside.

the feathers open and close every second. they never stop. it looks like they are fanning food into the skeleton of the torch. ( shaped in such a way they look hand like,grabbing food/ closing tightly. )

when the torch tenticals get to close to the feathers, they speed up 3 fold, turning and focusing its efforts on beating back the torch tentical in question.

you can see in the pics, the tenticals closest to the feather have retracted.


what are they? are they harming the torch? part of the torch? or just buddy buddy :)

thanks guys.




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my friend has the same thing. it seems to be some kind of filter feeding worm. i had one in my favites rock. i don't think it causes any harm.

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I think that is a barnacle. I remember seeing another post like this somewhere else on this board. Edit: Here is the thread I was thinking of: Barnacle in Torch Link According to that thread, this is normal (but no information to back it up).


I would think it would just be an irritaion of the feather crown going in and out to the torch, and not doing any real harm.

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

thanks scraf.

any idea about long term effects. my torch has 2 or 3. i imagen if it had 4 or 5 more, a good percentage/if not all of the torch would stay closed all the time.


any ideas if they have increased in numbers in your friend tank?


edit* thanks seahorse it is indeed a coral barnacle

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