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bristleworm? fireworm?


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I think I had my first bristleworm make an appearance. It was only about an inch long and ran part way up the glass then back down into the sand so it was hard to tell. It's shape definitely looked like that of bristleworm pics I've seen and it had a lighter yellow-orange half and a darker purplish blue half so is it a regular good bristleworm or bad? Are fireworms actually harmful to other tank inhabitants or do people just not like them because they can sting them?

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Bristleworms are good and the one you have is good. They clean your tank of detritus. I would only remove it if it got really big.


Fireworms are what people dread. They munch on corals and are not reef safe. They are predatory.

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really hard to tell from a text description, but the colors you mentioned are what many of my common (good) bristleworms look like.

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if it looks like a 'bristle' worm...it is.

Get used to it.

Don't move it.

You'll see more.


(Martha Stewart Voice) "It's a good thing"

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