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Disaster with tank!


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I did the stupidest thing yesterday! I cleaned my tank and cleaned the front glass with the same pad i always use. Some sand has obviously got trapped between the glass and the pad when ive cleaned it. Ive got LOADS of scratches all over the front glass. It looks terrible. I didnt notice because i have to take the lid off (with lights) to get in it so it was too dark to see it scratching.


Its a freashwater glass tank, but can someone please tell me if there is anyway of polishing them out? i was going to empty that tank out anyway to convert it to Marine so water and fish wornt be a problem.



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turn the tank around? Just an idea.



Unfortunatly i cant do that as the in built filter is at the back and the back glass is a bit ruined by some old stick on background

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Just not a lot you can do with scratched glass. Theoretically, I guess you could sand the scratches out but the amount of man hours involved would be astronomical and you'd still have a dull/poorly blended spot on your front glass.


Personally, I'd just get a new tank if it's that distracting.

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Kellie in CA

Well, unfortunately there really isn't a way to remove scratches from glass. But, you know......this does give you a good excuse to upgrade :)

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

i know its not what you want to hear, but buy a new tank.



best not to risk using a fresh water tank for salt water (you'll end up putting alot of time , money and effort into your reef, its not worth the risk.)


standard tanks are cheap and yours is scratched to hell. :)

maybe you can gut the lights from the old tank and build a canopy for the new. (if the ligthing is up to par)


those scratches can be removed but its alot of work and you'll have to add alot more scratches before things get better :)

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Check at auto shop's that replace windsheild's in your area. They have a polish they use for removing scratches. They also sell a filler in case your tank has any chip's on the outside that need to be filled in.


Another option if you can't polish and buff out the scratches. Replace the front piece of glass with a new one. It's simple to do and it might save you some time in the long run.

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