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Brooklynella? Ich?


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I posted earlier about my husband surprising me with my first 2 fish(2 tank raised ocellaris) for my reef. It's a 4 month old tank and has been stable quite awhile with lots of corals. I didn't know I was getting these fish and didn't get to prepare for them, when they arrived I did a quick search on acclimating and did my best to drip acclimate over a period of time. Other than being scared and stressed they have been fine for two days, they both ate yesterday morning. My tank has great parameters.

I am now noticing that one of the clowns has rapid breathing... the color is still very bright...there is no slime coat explosion...the scales all look fine...he isn't scratching...but he does stick to one area of the tank...if I tilt my head and squint one eye I MAY see a tiny white spec on the tip of his fin...

This is very early in disease if indeed it is disease and I would appreciate any suggestions as to the best med to use or even if I should treat. I have a 5 gallon tank I can put the clowns in...and also should I treat both of them even tho one has no symptoms at all?? Thanks so much.

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Treating them could be even more stressful. Imo, you should prepare the 5g with some water from the other tank and make sure the parameters are the same. Then, just watch them and try not to overfeed the tank. If it is brookynella, you will have the 5g ready to go. If not, better safe than sorry. :D Hope everything works out!

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I was a lot like you last time I got a fish. I swear I could see white dots on the fins, but it's been weeks and the fish is fat and swims around excitly as I approch the tank. I believe if I really did see anything, it was probally because there was some nipping going on between the fish as they established thier homes. I would say your probally allright and what you saw could have been a result of establishing dominance.

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