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"Landscaping" ideas

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Bear with me- I don't have a close LFS where I can go and see these things for myself, and I don't want to buy things on the internet based on a photo.  I have 20 lbs of LR in a 10 gallon tank, which consumes most of the space in the tank.  Can you guys help me with ideas for corals that don't spread out much- like things that grow on the rock (polyps?)?  I have never seen many of these things in person, so I have no frame of reference.  



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star/sand polyps they spread over rock work well

a few mushrooms blue and frilly green and ricordea are just a few of the wide variety of mushrooms out there. Also I strongly suggest Toadstool corals you can keep them in check buy making cutting of them.

None of these corals grow very large very fast it will take them quite some time to clutter your tank.  And they don't require alot of light about 30-50 watts over a 10Gallon  


When placing rock in your tank you must take on the as a interior decorator, make sure water flow gets to all the rocks and that there is plenty of sure flat surface area to place your critters=)  

Do some surfing and research these types of coral

garf.org and petwarehouse.com are good sources of helpful info and if all else fails submit an other question here.

good luck and remember take it slow and always consider your animals and what will make them the happiest.

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what about a sponge or 2? sponges are cool,Chris:)

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I like zoanthid polyps.  They stay on the rock, and come in all different colors , if you can find them.  Also, mushrooms are awsome when theres a lot of them.  I saw some tanks at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago that were almost all mushrooms and they looked awsome.  

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