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Looks like a snail without a shell


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I was looking in my tank with the lights off with my flash light and noticed what looked like a snail without a shell. It moved around exactly as a snail would.


I also saw it on one other ocassion in a crevice in LR and it was expelling this cloudy stuff into the water column. The creature is about 1cm wide by 1.5cm long though it can stretch of contract its body pretty good.


Does anyone know of an invert fitting this description?

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Probably a Stomatella varia. They are good guys and eat algae.


Without a picture it is impossible to tell, as it could also be a nudibranch or sea slug.

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Agreed, sounds like a stomatella, especially since it expelled "cloudy stuff".


Stomatellas have a shell, it's just a very flat shell. The "cloudy stuff" is actually the snail spawning.

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Looks like you guys hit the nail in the head from the photos I looked up. Thanks.


Also, from what I understand, snail spawn can be a good source of food for your filter-feeding organisms. Bonus!

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