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Dead Clown


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My little black perc just went carpet surfing :tears: . Now his girlfriend is swimming aimlessly around his favorite spot in the tank looking for him.

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I'm sorry too. :mellow:

For some reason, I can't stand seeing those little guys alone. Maybe you should get another, but I would wait to see if there is any disease present with the one you have left.

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Sorry for your loss.

I would get another one right away if it was my tank. If you have one die from jumping out there should not be any disease on the one still in the tank.

Is your tank topless or did he just find an opening?

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The tank has a glass top, there is just a smal gap in the back for the refugium intake. I will probably get another in a few days. Its sad to see them alone.

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small tank.

same food.

infrequent nieghbors.

He probably jumped from all his grilfriend's incessant ######ing.

Put in another girl so she can vent for a few weeks.

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