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I need help with wiring my light


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i am using one of my 27w 12g Aquapod lights to light the fuge for another 12g in the second chamber. i was planning on making a hood so i out both lights on a piece of wood but never finished. now, i want to take one of the lights and set it up by itself but i have a question.



the two white wires were connected to the ballast and the switch. they were both from the switch and one went to the ballast and the other to the cord. i cut them off the switch. ill either solder them together or use a wire nut.



these r the black wires. they r tied with a wire nut. one end goes to the ballast and the other to the cord.


this is where my question is.



the green wires r tied together. one green wire goes to one cord and the other goes to another cord.



they were screw in that hole to the other ballast for the other lite.


is there a reason why they are ties together or can i just cut the green wire i need? do i put a wire nut over it to protect it? this is the only wire that connects to the cord of the ballast i want to the other cord of the ballast. i dont thkn there is a reason why they are tied unless because they were extra wires. i want to seperate these wire. how do i do it? thanx.

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Ok... I think I understand what you want to do.


The green wire is simply the ground wire. If it's connecting two ballasts and you only want to use one of those ballasts, it's fine to just cut it. Then just screw it to something metal in your new fixture, like the ballast housing or a reflector.

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so should i cut it then screw it back into the hole that the pic shows where both r connected but to the ballast in using?

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