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50 gallon Breeder. Anyone done one?

Kellie in CA

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Kellie in CA

Well, I am pretty sure I would like my next project to be an AGA 50 gallon Breeder (36x18x18). I want something big, but not too big because I am living in an apartment. I am thinking that I will do a 36" Outer Orbit (1x150 MH, 2x96 watt PC, 4 Luner) for the lighting, and I want to do my first sump/fuge.


I am a bit overwhelmed, I am used to the ease of an all-in-one tank. My husband is very handy but knows nothing about aquariums. I hope to get all of the components together bit by bit and have it set-up around Christmas time.


I don't know where to start!!! Anyone have any experience with these? :)

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

i believe the 50 g 36x18x18 is refered to as a 50 short (perfecto has a 50 column 30x18x24. the breeders are usually long and low.


i plan on have 2 50 columns or 50 shorts for my next set up.

i'll be tagging along on this one, im really interested to see what can be done with a 50 short.

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The only differance between the 40B and the 50 is that the 50 is 2 inches taller. Sorry, the website I saw referred to it as a Breeder tank.

They are often referred to as breeders. While my tank is a similar size (just 2 inches shorter as you point out), it is a very simple and energy efficient design. However, it is not the type of setup that you have expressed interest in.


As you probably already know, there are a number of setups that you might get some ideas from in the Large Reefs forum. You might also check the Members Aquariums forum, as some of us have posted our ‘not technically’ nano reefs there. Of course, there are other sites which are not specifically geared for Nano tanks, but I like it here. :)

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