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My Aquapod 12


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This will be my second saltwater tank. But this willl be my first reef. After doing lots and lots of research on this site and over on reef central. I decided to get the Aquapod 12 system.


~Tank Specs


12 gallons

Stock Pump

50w Ebo-Jagar Heater

Stock Lighting


~Rock and Sand


Live Rock 12.8 lbs (Fiji Rock from LFS)

Reef Sand 15 lbs


~ Chambers


1. Chemi-Pure

2. Filter Floss (will be the fuge)

3. Purigen ( i will add live rock rubble)

4. Heater and pump


The rock I got was from a guy from his previous tank and he traded it in to the LFS. It is really nice already has lots of coraline algea.


I also used purified pre mixed saltwater from my LFS.


I will post parameters so. And update as things change.



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Oh those. They are the lights for my room.


Here are my parameters:


Amonia- 0

Nitrate- 0


ph- 8.0

Salinity- 1.025


Everything sounds good to me but how long does it take for a amonia spike. Im pretty sure that this rock is already cured. But ill still wait.

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