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halide bulb questions


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On my 55 gallon reef I have 2, 150w 14K halides in a sunpod (electronic ballast). I am ready to get some new bulbs in about a month. They are really not as blue as I like, but then again they are stock bulbs. I really like the color of 20K bulbs but don't want to risk losing par because of my sps which are all placed at the top of the tank. With my situation should I go with the XM 15K or 20K? Or should I go with another brand all togeather? Tell me what your thoughs are on what bulb I should get in my situation. I am new to halides and want to make the right decision before I shell out $150 in bulbs. Also I don't have any antics, just 12 white/12 blue LEDs.

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I would try a different 14K bulb. Different manufacturer = different color. 2 different bulbs on the same tank would look silly IMO


Of course, simply adding a single T5 actinic would give you the blue look.

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hello! pico

iam having a 40 gallon tank & using a 150w MH iam from india & here we cant get 10,000k bulbs and all, it is very rare to find them so iam using only 6500k bulb along with actinics but recently i told my LFS to import one of them but it is written that HALOGEN METAL HALIDE ! & the kelvin is not specified , can we use this bulb i have never heard about this halogen mh, if you guys know anything about this please help me sorry for the long post!


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I just bought a 150 watt Phoenix 14,000k because all I found was great comments about them. People have experienced great growth and it is probably the bluest 14,000k out there... from what I have read.


Unfortunately, Sanjay doesnt have the stats for the Phoenix on his site, but this is the Aquaconnect 14,000k that is considered literally the same bulb (many feel that the same company manufactures the two brands) against the Radium 20,000k both on an HQI (M81) ballast...


(from Sanjay's site):




You can see that the spike in the 450nm range is higher on the Aquaconnect than even the Radium...


I have heard that the PAR on the xm 15,000k is very low... Here is the XM 15,000k against the Aquaconnect 14,000k... Notice the PPFD.




Even the XM 20,000k doesnt come near the Aquaconnect.


So as far as which lamp is better, my vote is for the Phoenix.





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I run a Phoenix 14k. Perfect bulb for me. You can see pics if you click below.

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you run antic supplimentation right?


One 24w actinic. Basically for dusk & dawn effect although it does supplement the tank during the main photoperiod.

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